About Sassy Sensations

Welcome to the exciting world of Sassy Sensations, where you will find an impressive selection of pleasurable toys, sensational gifts, sexy lingerie, and many erotic items seldom found at your local specialty stores.

What you’ll also find is our commitment to helping you get the most out of your sex life. Because that’s what it’s all about.

Sassy Sensations has both a physical and virtual presence. We have three brick-and-mortar boutiques: two in Pittsburgh, PA (Castle Shannon and Robinson) and one in Austintown, OH. Our boutiques are safe, bright, and fun places to explore and grow your collection of sex aides, lingerie, and toys.

We also have an expanding online presence where we sell an abundance of sex toys, sexual aides, chasity devices, lingerie, thigh highs, shoes, boots, fetish items, and more. There’s almost no limit to what we’ll carry – in our opinion, as long as it’s legal and consensual, it’s all good.

We’re getting more involved with media, mainly videos, podcasts, and blog posts. It’s our goal to be informative and to make you feel positive about sex and your sexuality in general. Personally, we want every woman and man reading this to embrace whatever it is that makes them feel good.

Company History

Sassy Sensations was founded by Vanessa Fuchs in 1997. Her intent was to provide a safe establishment to purchase adult toys and products for pampering, enhancing romance, and creating fun. She wanted a place where people could feel comfortable, ask questions, and not feel like they are being judged because they want the big blue dildo… no, the one with the ribs. Yea, that one. Thanks.

Here's the story from Vanessa in her own words:

Sassy Sensations was created in 1997 after I attended an in-home party. I was recently divorced, and was very surprised to learn the party was actually a sex-toy party.  At first I was a little upset and embarrassed. However, after several margaritas I made my first toy purchase – a Jack Rabbit vibrator – and the rest is history. 

After leaving the party (and using my vibrator!), everything changed.

First, I was a convert, and it opened my mind in a big way. I became comfortable with my body, my desires, and enhancing my pleasure without guilt or shame.

Second, I wanted to help other women do the same. I realized if products like my vibrator were introduced in a fun, professional way, and could be purchased confidentially, other women might consider exploring their sexual well-being. An orgasm should be a positive experience, not dirty or shameful as many people try to make it. I started hosting “sassy” parties myself, and things grew from there (literally and figuratively!)

That was nearly 30 years ago. In that time, the business has grown to three boutiques,  which are located in Castle Shannon, Robinson Township, and Austintown. It also includes our substantial website, Facebook page, and our growing media presence. Since Sassy Sensation’s inception, we’ve been thanked repeatedly for allowing women and men to feel more empowered regarding their sexuality, and giving them a safe, encouraging, and confidential buying experience.

We market an impressive selection of products from the most respected and licensed manufacturers in the industry. Our products include, but are not limited to, lingerie from small to 4x, hosiery, shoes and boots, various lubricants and oils, libido cremes, enhancement aids, DVDs, pleasure toys, penis rings, fetish items, liberators, Kama Sutra, Coochy, bachelorette party supplies, novelties, games, manuals, and more! The list is almost endless.

Our boutiques are classy and sassy with a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and are a great place to shop and feel welcome:  male, female, singles, couples, therapist referrals, and the LGBTQ+ community. 

We’ve brought that same vibe (ha!) to the online world too. We’re striving to be a place where women and men feel comfortable purchasing sex aids and toys, and other fun stuff. We’re here to inform, excite, delight, and in the end, make you feel great!

Are you getting excited yet? You should be – a world of great sex is a click away. Explore our products. Check out our media. We have contests and specials quite often, and we’re always ready for a good time, whatever that may involve.

Remember: you’re innocent until proven naughty!

Stay sassy, folks.